Stock Control on iPad

For any business with a large warehouse, keeping track of stock is essential. Businesses live and die by their product availability so keeping that information accurate is of prime importance.

Whatever database software your inventory data is stored in, we can create an iPad interface to it. Now your warehouse team can work more efficiently, anywhere in the warehouse.

iPad Warehouse SolutionConnects to any ODBC or JDBC compliant datasource

If you don’t run your company’s databases on FileMaker Pro but instead use a platform like Oracle, Microsoft SQL or MySQL, that’s no problem. Using an instance of FileMaker Server Advanced as an intermediary, the relevant data is accessed from your databases and formatted to be displayed on and updated from your iOS device.

Works in the remote corners of your warehouse

The iPad’s light weight and built in wifi networking mean your warehouse staff can access and update stock control information from the furthest corner of the warehouse, as long as there is wifi coverage.

Cuts down on paper usage

Paper versions of picking lists or stock check reports are no longer necessary, cutting down on your paper, toner and power usage.

Customer Success Story

Read all about how we helped TOT Shirts increase productivity within their warehouse through the use of iPads and iPod touches with a custom solution integrated
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