Management Reports

Want to run your company from your iPad? Get easy access to sales reports and more in meetings? Or on holiday?

With a FileMaker Go solution from Cortela, now you can. We can create a management reporting interface for use on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch that…

Sales Dashboard on the iPadConnects to any ODBC or JDBC compliant datasource

If you don’t run your company’s databases on FileMaker Pro but instead use a platform like Oracle, Microsoft SQL or MySQL, that’s no problem. Using an instance of FileMaker Server Advanced as an intermediary, the relevant data is accessed from your databases and formatted for display on your iOS device.

Respects your security

Management reports are by their nature highly confidential. Our solutions are designed to exacting security standards to make sure no unauthorised person gets access to your sensitive information.

Works anywhere

You can access your reports anywhere you need, either on your internal network or via VPN.

Prints your reports for offline use

Sometimes you just need to see things on paper and with AirPrint support in FileMaker Go it is now possible to print out reports directly to AirPrint compatible printers from your iOS device.

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