Computers, even laptops, aren’t the most practical devices for teachers to carry around with them. The iPad, with its long battery life, light weight and ease of use make it the perfect administrative tool for teachers.

We have already developed an iPad interface for our KeyPupil student management software for hospital schools and the benefits are clear:

Using the iPad for Student HistoryMore time with students

By freeing teachers from performing administrative tasks at their desks, more time is spent with students

Access all student history, instantly

Our KeyPupil system stores all the information a teacher will ever need about a student – regular school details, special needs information, permissions and correspondence are all at their fingertips.

Manage student lesson plans

A common problem for hospital schools is keeping track of what lessons a student has attended and what work they have done. By making all this available instantly, it is much easier for teachers to pick up where they left off.

Create and print student reports and reviews

From entering student review information and printing reports straight from the iPad, the entire process runs like clockwork.