Customer Surveys

Paper-based surveys require a surprising amount of effort and technology to achieve. You are stuck with paying to get the results entered into a database or starting out with a solution that uses optical mark recognition and limited in terms of the kinds of questions you can ask.

Why not skip the paper entirely and go with a solution that can enter the information directly into a database for you, even giving you on-the-spot summaries of the surveys you have completed?

Customer Surveys on iPadCollect responses anywhere, even when offline

Our solutions can work with a direct connection to an online database or store responses gathered while offline and import them to the database when a connection is available.

Hand customers the device to fill the survey themselves

Get more honest responses by allowing customers to fill in the survey with a degree of privacy. With many different ways of designing the data collection interface, a customer version of the interface means the data is entered as if in a voting booth – the person conducting the survey doesn’t see the responses.

Store different kinds of information

A customer survey, accompanied by a photo of the customer taken with the same device you use to gather the data, opens up possibilities to use their responses in your marketing materials. Our solutions can make use of much of the built-in hardware of iOS devices, taking pictures, recording location and even capturing signatures.

Summarise responses on the spot

By including summary report screens, the results of a survey can be presented on the same device the data is gathered on for in-the-field analysis, no need to refer to a desktop application to get the results.