Run your business from your iPad…

or iPhone… or iPod touch

Whatever kind of corporate data you want to access on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, we can make it happen. We’ve already implemented solutions for a number of clients. What can we do for you?

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Customer Surveys

Ditch the paper-based surveys for a 21st century all-digital solution that uses Apple’s iOS devices.

Collect data on the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch and view the results on the same device.

Upload data live into your backend systems or work offline and upload when a connection is available.

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Go paperless and keep track of student attendance with an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, with important student info at your fingertips.

Our KeyPupil solution, as used by Great Ormond Street Hospital School allows teachers to access full student history with ease, at a patient’s bedside or anywhere on the ward.

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Management Reports

Get access to crucial business information when you’re away from your desk with management reports right on your iPad.

Keep an eye on key performance indicators whenever you need, wherever you are.

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iPad Warehouse app


Warehouse tasks and desk-bound computers don’t work well together.

Our warehouse solutions for iPad enable inventory management on the move, from booking stock in to picking orders.

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Get the benefits of a custom iOS app for your company’s internal use…

without requiring custom iOS app development with Cortela and FileMaker Go

FileMaker Go on your iPhone, iPod or iPad.Speed

From idea to live implementation, a FileMaker Go solution takes much less development time than a custom developed iOS app and iterations and updates are too.

FileMaker Go on your iPhone, iPod or iPad.Flexibility

Installation and updates are much easier than with a custom iOS app, with no need to sync with iTunes, once the main FileMaker Go app is installed.

FileMaker Go on your iPhone, iPod or iPad.Cost

A custom iOS app often requires a significant investment, with developers able to name their price. FileMaker Go brings your data to iOS devices for less.


Keeping your data secure is a prime concern for any business. With our background in creating database systems for companies, we understand the importance of a robust and granular user permissions setup.

Online and OfflineOnline and Offline

An internet connection isn’t always available and represents a problem for many apps. Our solutions can be written to work offline as well as online, perfect for mobile salespeople.

Your data anywhereYour data anywhere

Whether you use FileMaker Pro or any SQL data source we can create an interface to give you access to view or enter as much (or as little!) data as you need, from anywhere.

Customer Success Story

Read all about how we helped TOT Shirts increase productivity within their warehouse through the use of
iPads and iPod touches with a custom solution integrated directly into their backend office system… Read More…